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Weekend Warrior WinJitsu Workshops

Rick Tew has converted more than 20 years of Martial Arts experience into a Mindset Training program for anyone at any age.

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WinJitsu helps you to feel more fulfillment in the now

Winjitsu is a Mental Martial Art designed to have a positive effect on your lifestyle, rather than just your physical being. 

Proper training will undoubtedly have an effect on your mindset. Winjitsu is based on principles that relieve stress while increasing personal freedom, life balance and confidence.  

Winjitsu also helps you to focus on your personal success. Winjitsu is the perfect solution to modern-day survival, and success in the areas in which you aim to excel. 

Life is a journey, and we can often get lost along the way. Winjitsu will allow you to re-discover your path, and prepare you mentally for any obstacle that lies ahead. 

What does this...

Rick Tew Split

...have to do with this?

WinJitsu teaches execution & taking action on your ideas

The Mind Needs Training

When you read a book, you might learn a new concept or strategy for success. But, unless you actually practice that concept, it will not become a habit you can readily use. It will soon be forgotten. 

True strengths and talents

In addition to the practice, it is important to make sure that the strategies you use are true to you and rely on your talents and personal strengths. The overall goal being to create a Way of life out of the concepts that match with who you are as an individual.

Rick Tew and his split personality

Rick Tew

Rick operates motivational mind and body camps for private groups in popular places like Thailand and California. He has been teaching for more than 20 years.  

Rick is committed to coaching people on feeling fulfillment while teaching them how to take action.

Why Holland & The Netherlands?

After some experience growing up in America, Rick moved to the Netherlands to share his martial arts system and has considered Holland a second home ever since.  Below are only a few images from his first few years – over 20 years ago.  This is where he first started to preach the WinJitsu way of life.

Rick has spent more than 6 years in and out of the Netherlands.  He has lived in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Delft among a few others on his quest to be Dutch. But most of his time was spent living in the Bussum area.  

Holland has a special place in his heart and why he enjoys spending time there helping others to grow and see more of the world.  His tour concept was first conceived in Holland with the first group to attend his tour around California was a group of Dutch Ninja Students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winjitsu Workshops are about learning and applying practical habits. Just as one might go to a martial art class to practice the different skills in the system, students come to a Winjitsu class to practice mental skills for being the best they can be.

There are 5 areas that we are often out of balance in. Our annual workshop schedule will include a full workshop on each of these 5 areas.

This is not a physical workout program. However, it is Mind and Body so we will do:

  • Stretching 
  • Breathing

And there will be optional movements related to the mental training and learning. For example, when Rick is explaining a mental concept, he may offer the group the option to practice a physical move to understand the concepts better.

Every course is different and you can expect to learn as well as feel a bit more rejuvenated from some of the set movements.

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing like shorts, yoga pants or GI bottoms. For those that register early we offer a Winjitsu Polo Shirt that you can wear to the Workshop.

WinJitsu is the practice of true winning and true winning is achieved by applying your personal strengths towards specific strategies for success.

Win + Jitsu

Mindset Training for Being True

Jitsu is a Kanji (実) that is used as “truth” or being “faithful” — such as in “jitsu-wa” (to tell the truth). Winjitsu means a true win, a win for truth, and faithful winning.  It also means fruit or result of your Winning.

When one considers what “do” means (way, Tao), a Jitsu is a very appropriate alternative to a Do when the skills taught and used are part of a way rather than “just” applications.

Consider the Dojo Kun: To be faithful in seeking the truth (or To be faithful in seeking a true way). Jitsu describes such an art very well.

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Sharing for a living gave me a life

“By sharing my unique style of Martial Arts and giving Motivational Edutainment workshops, I have been able to travel the world, meet amazing people, BE me, and Do what I love.  

I want to teach you how to be a Black Belt in what your do too.”  

WinJitsu Workshop Schedule
2020 The Netherlands

Level 1 ACE

March 22-24
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Level 2 MAK

April 19-21
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Level 3 MBS

May 24-26
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Level 4 NRG

June 21-23
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Level 5 CMT

September 20-22
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Party + Review

October 18-20
Saturday Mind 9am-2pm
Saturday Body 2pm-6pm
Sunday Privates 9am-2pm

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Book ACE

ACE Level 1

Achieving Combined Excellence

Taking Control of your Attitude

  • Thumbs Up Attitude
  • Execution & Taking action
  • Fulfillment & Happiness

MAK Level 2

Motivation Action Knowledge

How to Make it Happen

  • Increasing your potential
  • Confidence, courage & calm
  • Goals and Dreams
Rick Tew's Winjitsu Book 3

MBS Level 3

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Synergy for Success

  • Attitude
  • Science of Synergy
  • Fulfillment

MAK Level 4

Neuro Reasons for Growth

Internal Power for Achievement

  • Eliminating stress
  • Feeding body & mind
  • Working with others
Rick Tew's Winjitsu Book 4 NRG
Rick Tew's Winjitsu Book 5 CMT

CMT Level 5

Creative Mental Training

The Magic of Visualization

  • Active Meditation
  • Personal planner
  • Law of Attraction

Where are the Workshops?

Heart of Bussum

We conduct the WinJitsu Workshops in the Heart of Holland in Bussum at various  centers. 

Practice makes perfect

The way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in person. We use an area for hours of exercises, questions and challenges.

What else is included?

Workshops Include a Winjitsu Polo

Although this is a mental training course, we do like to stretch, breathe and warm up a little.  Look sharp in this Winjitsu Polo shirt.

Workshop Includes the latest version of the Winjitsu Books

For those that register early, you will get a hard copy of Rick Tew’s book for every workshop you register for. There are 5 books in the system and 5 workshops you can register for. 

Yes, that is Rick jumping at the Grand Canyon in the background. Click here to read about the scariest part of this jump.

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Book 1 ACE

Yes, join Rick for a WinJitsu Workshop in 2020

Save money by attending all 5 Workshops. Make up sessions will be created for other dates in the year for anyone who misses a session.

There will be opportunities for additional training in the martial arts as a separate program for those interested in the physical training too. 

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