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How to be Positive in your World and Others

One of the best strategies for maintaining a positive attitude is to prepare for the worst, but expect the best. This allows you to remain realistic in your approach. In addition, it helps dramatically if you make it easy to be positive.  Perhaps you are too critical and have too many rules and/or circumstances that must happen before you are positive.  Striving for perfection in this manner might keep you from enjoying the ride along the way.

Positive thinking (analogous to “thumbs up”) is an obvious and popular start, but it is still rejected by those chained to the thoughts of a needed painful reality. Many people associate positive thinking with being unrealistic, a Pollyanna, or avoiding the real issues.

Let us understand that good thoughts produce positive results and that bad thoughts produce negative results. Remember, garbage in – garbage out.  Most noted success-based literature highly stresses the importance of having a positive thought pattern.

Which side of the street do you live on?

If Thomas Edison had listened to the disbelieving or negative opinions of others, he would have settled with the doubters in their world of limitations.  He would have remained “in the dark.” And we would be right there with him.

So, let us turn on the lights and realize that these negative thoughts and doubts will not help us in our achievements.  Nor will they aid us in finding a solution.  A negative attitude is more likely to attract those thoughts into your life.  In any case, what you think and believe is what you will experience emotionally.  Since our number one desire is to feel good – maybe you can start with the obvious belief that positive thoughts feel better than negative ones.

Reality is more than a TV show

Your reality is what your mind creates as your reality.  What is real to you?  You may say, “Well, if I had a new car, I would be a happy person,” or “If I had that big house on the beach, I would be satisfied.” If you believe that, then I invite you to consider the lottery winners, sports figures, movie stars, and music entertainers who have been blessed with millions of dollars of income, and yet seek happiness in other places:  alcohol, drugs, promiscuous sex, etc.

After some thought, I believe you will see that internal strength and joy and much more likely to produce real happiness than any external source.

Things – cars, houses, jewelry, designer clothes – provide a short term burst of happiness.  But because there’s no “there” there, it doesn’t last.  And you are quickly seeking another high.

A better strategy is to create internal joy that is always with you, under your own control, and lasts for a lifetime.

The reality is, you’re right here, right now.  You are always right here, right now.  Are you going to determine your happiness by what could be parked in your driveway?  Your reality is really what you make of it. Wherever you are in your life is where you can decide to say, “I can and will,” or “I wish, I wish, I wish.” You have to be able to change your focus in order to get what you really want.

Do you know what you really want?

How can you get what you want if you don’t know what it is?

I am not going to ask you to put a smile on your face and run naked through the woods.  I am not going to ask you to be free by stripping yourself of material possessions and giving up your toys.  I am also not going to ask you to just be positive.  If you are faced with an assailant with a knife, you can not “just be positive” and hope he will go away.  If you are surrounded by trash, I am not going to ask you to say, “Everything smells great.”  Being positive is about dealing with the worst while expecting it to change to the best.

And remember, we can take out the trash, or at the very least, stop standing in it.  You don’t have to like it, but you can effect positive change so you’re not dealing with it any more.

You can be as positive as you want and run around in the flowers and scream, “Life is great.” But will that keep the rainforest from being destroyed? Will it clean up the pollution in your city?  Will it get the cat down out of the tree?   Well, if you scream it loud enough, it may get rid of that attacker with the knife – he may think you’re crazy and run away!

Just as the Martial Science is a result-oriented system, these concepts are based on realistic, effective principles that work.  It is my belief that we should utilize a scientific approach to accessing our true potential.  When I say “scientific,” I do not mean science purely based on tangible facts, however.

It is a fact that people have survived even against the greatest of odds.  It is a fact that people have succeeded in the past using similar strategies to those found in this book.  Science is based on repeatable research and results.

This is the concept we will keep congruent and strive to use as a basis for our strategies.  Let’s take, for example, the theory of positive thinking.

It is my belief that positive thinking will aid in your ability to succeed.

Research shows that positive thinking is almost always present when personal success is the name of the game.

The process of positive thought (every thought counts) balanced by realistic strategies (offered in Winjitsu) gives us the means necessary to attract, improve, or make the life we want, instead of wishing for a life that may never arrive.  With awareness, we open our eyes.  Now it is just a matter of where we choose to look that is key.  You can keep your head up and look to the bright blue sky or you can drop your chin, slump your shoulders, and stare at the ground.

“I see the glass as half full, but with poison…”
-Woody Allen in the movie – Scoop.

Winjitsu Work Out

If you are alive, then act like you appreciate it!

Simple enough, right?  No preconditions, no “ifs” or “buts” involved.  Just appreciate the fact that you are alive.

Notice that the above mindset makes it very easy to be positive.  Why?  Because it does not require an extensive list of ingredients in order to produce a smile.  If you are alive, then smile – that’s it.  If you have a long list of requirements that must be met in your day before you can feel positive, then you will certainly have a hard time feeling happy and in turn, experience it less often.

Take a moment to think about the gift that is your life.  What will you do with it?  Will you share it?  Will you use it to be a positive force in the world?

Below, list 5 reasons to appreciate your life, as it is TODAY:






Feel free to add more if you are so inspired.

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