Prepare yourself for a new challenge, go for a change!

Can you spare some change? Do you have a little extra in your pocket to put toward your dreams and goals? Change is vital to having a vocation that’s a vacation.

Consider “working while you whistle.” I have changed the quote “whistle while you work” so that it makes more sense for those that want their vacation to be their vocation.

In its original form, it seems to mean “smile even though you are doing something you don’t enjoy”. My revised version says you should do something you enjoy as part of the “Freedom” strategy. It comes down to when you say, “I can’t believe I am getting paid to do this,” or “I would do this for free.”

If you are getting paid to do something you would actually (shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) do for free, you are a fortunate person indeed.

This is how you discover if you are on the right path. Do what you love to do and you will never have to work. Would you quit your job if you won the lottery? If so, then you are in the wrong line of work. You need a lifestyle, not a place to be from 9-5. Then again, who am I to tell you what you need? You will have to discover this for yourself. I’m just here to help you make the decision and give you a way to make it happen.

Now let’s play a quick game of Question and Answer:

One thing I have learned in my journeys is that you cannot change anyone’s mind unless they want to change:

Q – How many Psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? 

A – Just one, but the bulb has to really WANT to change.

I also discovered that usually the people who WANT to change don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. They are already in action:

A – One. 

Q – How many psychics does it take to change a light bulb?

And of course there are those of us who seem to just feel that everything works in our favor, our glass is more than half full (even when it is empty):

Q – How many ninjas does it take to change a light bulb?

A – Only Tew. He holds it up and the world revolves around him.

However, there are times when we need to seek help from others once we are ready to start training:

Q – How many magicians does it take to change a light bulb? 

A – Depends on what YOU want it to change into.

As a martial arts instructor, I am really a martial arts coach and part of the job description for a coach is to get the players into action. To motivate, inspire, and very often change a point of view. (Remember, if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.) This often requires manipulation of ideas so they can be seen from a new or more positive perspective.

People are not manipulated unless they want to be manipulated. To me, it is simply going toward a certain direction. But you will discover that the minute you start to change and begin heading in a new direction, the rest of society (those that are not going the same way), will have problems with your new quest and often provide resistance.

Remember, we have been told year after year how to live our lives by our parents, friends, teachers, the media, and the government. After being led around by a leash for all those years, it isn’t that easy to change. You might feel scared and uncertain. But the day will come when you realize you would rather fly; this requires that you leave your nest.

Every change in direction is a risk, and if it isn’t a risk, then it probably isn’t worth striving for.

The greater your change, the greater your glory

This doesn’t mean you should change jumping off the curb to jumping across the Grand Canyon. One thing that goes hand in hand with risk is calculation. It is called “taking the calculated risk.” This means you need a plan, experience, and education to back up your challenge. The calculation must demonstrate that your quest is possible and that you have the means and/or tools to achieve this goal. Otherwise it is just foolish risk, and you may get a close up and personal look at the bottom of the canyon.

Winjitsu Work Out

List 5 (or more) things you need to change in order to reach your goals:






Now make a list of ways you will go about making those changes:






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