Find your own way to success instead of being lead by others!

Design your own destiny. It will fit you much better than an off-the- rack suit designed for someone else.

How would you like to wake up each day to a unique and exciting experience? Knowing and feeling you are in control. Do you feel trapped within the walls of a traditional pattern?

There are many doors in life and none are as complicated as the one that looms over us as the most compelling challenge; what will I do? To me, doing what you love is the answer, or key, to that door. I have made or designed my life around these kinds of beliefs. Why?

Is it because they take some of the guesswork out of choosing destiny? Or is it because they were set down by leaders who seemed to have discovered that for which we all search?

In my case, both of these reasons ring true. If any of what I have shared interests you, then you might want to take charge, take control, and take the challenge!!

Many of the things I hear (often, but not always) from a negative society make me just want to say, ―NO!  You do not have to give in to some boring plan in order to succeed. You do not have to struggle through life performing tasks that hold no joy for you.

As a martial arts instructor, I build around my students own strengths and weaknesses. I realize it is important that each student design their own style. It is like having a suit of armor made. Many martial arts have a one-suit-fits-all system. I believe it is better to have a custom made suit just for you. Wearing a suit (or lifestyle) designed by someone else leaves you vulnerable. 

The same goes with your career. Find a vocation that serves you best. One that you are comfortable in and one that provides the required level of security needed, yet still offers room to breathe and enough mobility to move.

You too can learn to just say, ―YES!!

Regardless of the negative self-talk you may engage in when you discuss a dream or a strategy that follows a path other than one set down by a conditioned environment, you can learn to say ―Yes!!

Yes, it is true that when you leave the beaten-down road of cluttered footprints, it will be harder to find your way. And yes, it is true that there will be risks. And yes, it is still true that you will discover yourself and you may not be happy with what you find. Still, I urge you to say ―No‖ to the chains and negative thoughts that keep you grounded and say, ―Yes‖ to the freedom that allows you to soar.

Will true happiness ever arrive? Will you always be saying, ―Someday, I‘ll do that?‖ Yes! Today is the day and every decision you make in this moment is going to have a direct effect on the direction you are headed from this day forward.

When you go to work, is everyone there focused on helping you get the most out of your life? Do you really feel like they are a team of people focused on the same objectives that combine business with personal achievement? This is almost certainly not the case. This is why it is so important for you to take control of your own state-of-mind.

Winjitsu Work Out

What will your life look like one year from today? Make a list here of the elements of your designer life:






How many of those elements do you currently enjoy?

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