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Introduction to Winjitsu the Mental Martial Art by Rick Tew

Break a S.W.E.T.

How to Master what you Learn! As a student of Winjitsu – the mental martial arts – it is important to absorb each lesson through a warm up filter that I call, “SWET,” which is actually an acronym: S = Sharing W = Winjitsu  E = Experience T = Training Sharing This is the true way to master …

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Ride the Rainbow

How to STAY on road to Personal Success! This is going to be a journey for you.  The strategies in this system will take time to master and although there are some insights that might cause an instant light to come on, it is not likely to happen overnight. This is not a 24-hour get-fixed-quick …

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Running Forward

How to move towards your goals while moving away from limitations When I was eight years old, I packed my bags and ran away from home.  Maybe you feel like doing that right now.  I know that a lot of times when we feel a need for change, we head for the door. Perhaps what …

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Train Your Brain

How to Improve your Mental Muscle As a warrior, it is important to train and condition the body.  The same is true for the mental warrior, only we are training and conditioning the brain. Reading, learning and reviewing each lesson in Winjitsu (mental) is like running and training on an obstacle course (physical).  Each obstacle …

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