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Motivational Entertainment

Rick Tew is focused on providing edutainment (a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse) by combining comedy and his martial arts with his mental arts (Winjitsu). His performances are fun and memorable.

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Mr. Tew delivers dynamic principles based on his 5 Level System for Life Balance. They include real life experience and stories to share practical concepts on:

  • Using Strengths
  • Leading with Talents
  • Organizing motivation
  • Taking Action
  • Balancing Life
  • Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Constant Energy
  • Overcoming limitations
  • Crushing Fears
  • Building Confidence
  • Active Mediation
  • Visualize your life
  • Make Life a BLAST!!

Rick Tew realizes the power of personal achievement. He believes it is through the combination of specific parts that make a stronger whole, whether it is an inner or outer team.

Rick Tew is author of WINJITSU – the Mental Martial Art – and just the person to add a little kick to any program or seminar. He has been teaching and speaking to audiences for the last 20 years

Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of NinjaGym®.  Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

Mr. Tew’s principles are on the cutting edge of personal development. Rick Tew will give you simple principles that can be applied immediately in your life and work.

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