How to Stay on Track and Find a Way to your Goals

Make daily MAPs a habit, and remember to schedule/make time for yourself and your self improvement quest. It is important, perhaps more important than anything else you could be doing.

To build a positive self-image, we must constantly feed it positive meals each and every day, just as we feed anything else we want to keep strong and healthy. It isn’t enough to have one session in a year and expect to ride on that the rest of your life. One meal won’t suffice either.

It has to be a way of life; a daily practice. We wouldn’t starve ourselves, nor would we neglect to drink water. So we have to see our self-image in the same way. If we don’t offer positive nutrients, we are not going to have a positive self-image.

Use it or lose it.

If I were to stop stretching, it would only be a matter of time before I would lose my ability to do the splits. So as with anything we support on a regular basis, we will lose it if we don’t use it. It can’t be said enough that the image of yourself is the most powerful tool you have for success in this world. You will not get very far with a poor self-image. I know I am going to start to sound like a broken record here, but just as you can’t run a marathon without a daily training regimen, you can’t expect your brain to take you to the Olympics of life if you don’t train it to do so.

Consider each day of your life a mental workout. Look back at the end of the day. Did your day strengthen or weaken your brain? You can take a month to judge your progress in this area by simply getting out a calendar and checking off the days that you have strengthened your brain while not checking off the days you have weakened it. This is another example of how important your MAPs are; they will help you keep track of your progress (or slides).

If you had a day when you fell victim to a poor self-image or a day where you simply did nothing positive to improve your overall mental outlook, then you get no check. However, if you have a day where you took time out for improving yourself mentally and/or reviewed positive thoughts, reward yourself with a check. At the end of the month, look back and see where you are.

More than likely, just this one act of overseeing your actions will help you improve your mental awareness and positive beliefs drastically. I designed the Personal Achievement Maps to help you get more checks, and I hope it helps make the process of achievement more efficient so that you work smarter and it works harder.

Self-image wants to know where we are going next.

It will take about a month before it becomes habit. If you can’t afford this time for yourself, try this quote instead: “I can’t afford not to take time to improve myself.” And then make this your motto. Not taking time to keep your most important tool for survival ready and working is like not having time to put fuel in your car or ink in the printer. It just isn’t going to work at its full potential if you don’t take the time to keep your brain fueled up and ready to go.

Take time every day to focus on keeping yourself up to par. I have tried to make this a little easier by giving you Personal Achievement Maps that you can fill out and visualize each and every day. You have to learn to treat time with yourself as being just as important as any other meeting or activity you must do each day. As you progress, you will naturally begin to combine ways of improving yourself, but regardless of how you take in the information, make sure you do not cut corners. Stay on track.

Eliminate failure as an option.

I realize that it may sound easy for me to say this as I don’t follow the traditional nine to five pattern, nor do I race through traffic each and every day. I get to work when I want. (Perhaps that is your goal?) But even with the ability to do what I want each and every day, I still get up after about six and a half hours of sleep. I still write down daily goals, and I still take naps in order to contemplate my future while reviewing the past. The point is, I don’t have to do it, and this is what separates those who will do from those who can do, but don’t. Make it a passion and not just an option.

Many people, when given the day to do whatever they want, will simply want to sleep through it. Save some time for yourself. Find a way to disappear so you are not interrupted. If you work all week, getting up at 6 a.m. for someone else, then when the weekend comes get up at 6 a.m. for yourself.

Those who know me will have heard me say, “No work on Tewsdays.” And just as those who know me are annoyed with my constant “Tew-isms”, they know that I have selected a day out of the week that does not include work. But if I do have to work, I simply get excited because I know I perform great on Tewsdays – it’s my day.

In writing my book Winjitsu, I decided to take the appropriate time out so I could put my thoughts into paper. I rented a resort room in the Northern Mountains of Thailand in a beautiful place called Pai. While there, I helped the staff translate some Thai for an English flyer they are making for the resort. Part of it was:

In the heart of Pai and situated facing the Pai river, Pai Tree House Resort combines: lush tropical scenery, beautiful mountain views, and traditional Thai style teak wood housing along with friendly service from our staff with only one goal in mind: to make you feel at home.

I chose this location for its privacy and beautiful views. There is something about the color green that relaxes me. So I rented the location for a month and set up my laptop to take some time out to get some writing done. When I wanted to take a break, I was only a short walk to the large deck connected to my room where I could take in the full view of my environment.

I could have tried to write at home or in the combustion of family and friends. But this was a way for me to tell myself that I am taking some time to work on an important project I am serious about.

Every day that you fill out a daily achievement map is the same as a daily workout in the gym. It will build on the previous day’s training to stack toward your eventual achievement of a worthwhile goal.

It can seem tedious at first, but just as any new exercise can take some time to adjust to – eventually you will find yourself filling out your Personal Achievement Maps in your Mind. That is the ultimate goal with this training.

Winjitsu Work Out

Fill out a new PAM each day for the next week.

Spend some time with your calendar and reviewing your daily schedule of activities. What is the best time of day to work on your goals?

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