How to fill out your Personal Achievement Map - Part 3

Show your seriousness about creating a great future (in spite of any past mistakes) by signing a contract with yourself: a declaration.

This section is used to create a small contract with yourself. You will simply write what you are willing to do to achieve your goals.

These are the actions you will take in order to do your absolute best to support the goals set down on your Personal Achievement Map. The main idea is to declare (with sincerity) as if you were announcing to your brain the following statement:

“Hey, I am serious about this and I want you to know that I am moving forward.”

Let’s review an example:

I hereby declare to successfully reach my Black Belt (what) within the next three years (when) in my local Martial Art school (where) as it will help me to learn self-defense while building self-confidence (why) and introduce me to a new set of friends (who).

You are signing a contract agreement with yourself, so make it sound sincere and businesslike.

If you are having trouble, simply run through the what, when, where, why, and who questions. If you say, “I declare what?”

I declare to ____________ = what

I declare to ____________ = when

I declare to ____________ = where

I declare to ____________ = why

I declare to ____________ = who

If you have some mistakes that you would like to rectify, this is where you can declare that you will do so. We all make mistakes, but we also have the ability to fix many of the problems that we have created in our past. Everything is not reparable, to be sure, but many things can be rectified. Many self-help organizations are based entirely upon redemption. Declare to do your best to fix these problems as soon as possible.

Give yourself a gift: Forgiveness

If you said something yesterday that really hurt someone’s feelings, declare today that you will say something that will lift their spirits. Take a thumbs-down and turn it into a thumbs-up. I realize you might be dealing with a mistake far more challenging than the simple quest of putting a smile on someone’s face, but it is a start. At this point, you must forgive yourself (hey, we all make mistakes) and then do your best to fix the problem.

Remember that creativity is the name of the game here. You might not see a realistic solution. So consider trying something a little out of the box if necessary. Either way, you can at the very least declare that you will do your very best to solve the problem. Often times just the act of trying or caring is enough to cause relief to a situation and is certainly much better than carrying it around on your shoulders.

If you are being limited because of your past mistakes, declare that you will not allow your past to create your future. Announce that you will continue to do your best in spite of your past mistakes. Sign your declaration when you are finished.

Winjitsu Work Out

Right now decide on a issue that you would like to resolve and declare. If you need a jumpstart, use the “what, when, where, why, and who” questions as a mental prompt. Example:

I hereby declare that I will start my own business.

I will start my own business within 6 months.

I will establish my business in my garage.

I want to establish my own business so that I can

spend more time with my family.

The people who will help me with my business are:

Okay, look at the image of a Personal Achievement Map and then continue reading to learn more about each of the seven areas of our PAM. 

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Personal Achievement Map

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