How to Write Down Your Goals and Stay Focused on your Success

A PAM is the act of taking out 50 minutes each and every day to answer questions about your goals and visualize each and every area of importance.

After spending hundreds of hours of trial and error concerning personal achievement, I came to an understanding of what it takes to achieve results.

And the answer is: 

Just do it.

Everything in this book will help, but get started as soon as you can and don’t stop until you have done it. Taking that first step is the most important part of the process.

Success doesn’t have to be complicated, and you will learn most of what is in this book if you follow this simple plan:

  • Just try it
  • Just start it
  • Just use it
  • Just do it

Do you know how to use a vacuum cleaner? Do you have to know how a vacuum cleaner is built to clean the floor? Do you have to know what the CPU is on your computer to use it to design a Web site?

Of course not; you only need to know how to turn it on, use it, and then turn it off. Successful people want results, not hours, days, and years of waiting for an outcome. When you sit down to watch television, do you first learn how the image is sent through the cables? How about using electricity or driving your car? There are many things we use on a daily basis without having to know very much about how they work. If it does the job, we use it.

This principle goes well with using our skills of mind control. Successful people become that way because of results they produce, not because of their in-depth knowledge. A person who studies the best of all arts is a Total Warrior indeed if he learns the key strategies of successful people and emulates them to get the same results. Turn the knob in the shower and water will come out; flick the switch on the wall and the lights turn on. There is no reason to leave the floor dirty because you want to wait until you know everything about the vacuum cleaner. It’s designed to suck up dust, not time. The chief goal is knowing what you want and going after those results.

Achievers Just Do It

Many successful people did not have a conscious understanding of the success laws they were following. They did however, have specific attitudes, beliefs, values, and most importantly habits, whether they knew it at the time or not. These habits kept them on track and fueled for success. This is what a Personal Achievement Map is designed to do. But you have to get into the habit of using one.

It would be great if you could truly internalize everything in this book with one reading and naturally respond to your challenge with concepts taught here. But truth be told, it will take time. Still, I want to help you deal with issues that you have right now. And although you might one day learn the streets of a new city and be able to drive yourself around without a navigation system in your car, right now you simply want to reach your destination. So that is what a Personal Achievement Map is designed to do.

What (or Who?) exactly is this PAM – Personal Achievement Map?

PAM is not a person; it is a map designed to move you toward achieving a desired goal for your success.

There are seven things you will need to create for your Personal Achievement Map. I call them the Magnificent Seven:

1) Your Purpose

2) Your Goals

3) Your Declaration

4) Your Vision

5) Your Beliefs

6) Your Plan

7) Your Motto

Each and every day find time to fill out and/or review your Personal Achievement Map. Naturally, you will need a stack of these at hand if you are to use them on a daily basis. But a pad of note paper will also work. If you have a larger goal that is long term such as getting into better shape, then you review the map on a daily basis to re-affirm your commitments to the challenge.

Winjitsu Work Out

Okay, look at the image of a Personal Achievement Map and then continue reading to learn more about each of the seven areas of our PAM. 

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Personal Achievement Map


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