How to Improve Your Self Image

For each and every goal we want to achieve, we must create a Self-Image Resume that supports our qualifications for that goal.

It’s all in the mind. Do you believe it is all in your mind? It has to be, right? Where else is it? Is it on your palm? Is it on the end of your finger?

Where is your life right now? 

Where are you housed; is it in your sports car? Where? 

It’s all in the mind, that untouchable source that we call “me.” With that being said, we have to understand that how we see ourselves has a direct impact on how we respond to the world.

The image we hold of ourselves is what we reflect outwardly, good, bad, or indifferent. 

Why not make it Great?

Our self-image is based on this view. A great way to improve our self-image is to create a Self-Image-Resume. If it isn’t up to par, we need to work on it. Other people view you, too; so work on submitting your self-image resume to people around you.

We use very little of our available brain power. Just as you wouldn’t be expected to know how to fly a jet without first being taught how to do so, you can’t expect to know much about how to use your brain without first being taught how.

There are two images: the one we see in the mirror and the one we see internally. Some call it our “Mind’s Eye.” Self Image approves or disapproves. It is that ninja guard that can allow you to pass or not.

I talk more about this process of approval in Winjitsu Book 2 – MAK, in lesson 25, “The Big Boss” and the section on conversing with yourself; lesson 34, “Confidence.” This might be a good time for a quick review.

Many of us have a wounded self-image. Our life experiences may have inflicted damage to our self-confidence, but it can be repaired. To heal these wounds and improve the self-image, we need to do the following:

  1. Locate the wounds
  2. Administer first aid

With the aid of CMT and a Personal Achievement Map in the last section of this book, you will learn strategies for recognizing these limiting issues (wounds) and a process of mental surgery that will help you to successfully bring yourself to a healthy state of being. In the meantime, let’s create a Self-Image-Resume that you can be proud of. Just as you would create a resume for applying for a job, create a resume for applying for a goal. Whether or not you get the goal (job) will depend upon the stellar status of your resume.

“The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image.”
-Brian Tracy

Tailor Made

Unlike a traditional resume, a self-image resume is not a one time solution for all your submissions. This is to say that although you can submit the same work resume to various employers, with a self-image resume you want it to be specific for each and every goal.

So naturally we need to begin our self-image resume with a goal. Then we need to create an image that convinces our subconscious that we are indeed the right person for the job.

The sum total of your Self-Image Resume should cover any issues or challenges that you may face by providing clear validation of these challenges. It should demonstrate that you understand these challenges, provide reasons for your actions, and show support for your behavior.

Winjitsu Work Out

Think about a goal you wish to achieve. Now use the form provided to design your Self-Image Resume and apply for the “job.” Spend as much time as needed to perform this workout; it is very important to your success, now and in the future.

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