How to fill out your Personal Achievement Map - Part 1

Discover your purpose. 

What is it you want from life, your relationships, family, or friends? What is your number one goal? That is your purpose.

Your purpose is not simply to reach your goal; it is the reason behind your goals. It is what your goals will lead you to. What is it you want from life, your relationships, family, or friends? What is your number one goal? That is your purpose.

The minute you discover your purpose, all the other areas of your life will fall into place lock like tumblers. Click. It will be hard to gain direction in life if you don’t first know your purpose for being here. Be honest with yourself and discover what is needed for your success as an individual.

Remember, what you need may be as unique to you as your purpose.

Your ultimate purpose will fall along the lines of being happy, having freedom, being loved, or living a life of adventure. It is a big vision, not a small one. Your purpose is supported by your passion. In the top left of our Achievement map is the Purpose section.

In this box, we have the following needs:

  • Purpose
  • Security
  • Surprise
  • Love
  • Giving
  • Growth
  • Importance

We have already talked about many of these elements.

To the right of this list we have an area where you can write down the answer to questions that support your most current needs. We do this to stay in balance. More than likely you will start off with Purpose. But if you feel a need is out of balance or you’re confused as to your purpose, then focus some attention on it and answer questions based on that need. This means that each day you fill out a PAM you will choose one of the needs in the Purpose section (purpose is also a need – you need to have a purpose) that is most relevant to your life right now. Then you will answer the What, When, Where, Why, and Who questions. For example:

What is your Purpose?

When would you like to achieve Security?

Where would you like to Give?

Why do you want to feel Important?

Who do you Love?

Sometimes we need to change our purpose to change the direction we are headed. Continuously remind yourself of your purpose in life and use it to stay on track and maintain your motivation.

Before we do, it is important to understand what success and personal achievement really means to you. To some people success might mean lots of money (security) and yet to another it might mean lots of freedom (surprise). To many it means both: lots of money and lots of freedom. What I want to do is help you be successful in what it is you desire, and more specifically, I am talking about you personally and not just what you want to accomplish, but how you want to feel. This is why it is a Personal Map as opposed to just an Achievement Map.

You must be willing to take risks and stop at nothing short of your goal. Remember our lesson about breaking the board? You must aim past your goal. A man with a plan is only as successful as his desire to make it a reality. That means we can have all the goals in the world and all the keys to success, but if we do not have the MOTIVATION to achieve those goals, we won’t even be able to start the car. And without passion and purpose we will run out of gas. It is the most powerful way to maintain consistent motivation.

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Spend some time with your Personal Achievement Map thinking about purpose, goals, and beliefs. Use as much as you can possibly arrange, as it will be valuable time spent.

Okay, look at the image of a Personal Achievement Map and then continue reading to learn more about each of the seven areas of our PAM. These are taught in the following articles: