Calculated Risk - Book Excerpt from ACE


Hello, I am Rick Tew and yes, that is a photo of me jumping at the Grand Canyon.

Looking at the photo of me jumping at the Grand Canyon you might think that I have to be suffering from false confidence or be completely insane.

Perhaps you are thinking that if I can do jumps like this, there is no way I would have very much to fear or need to apply a system of Winjitsu on a regular basis. I still have to muster up the courage to speak to an audience as much as the next guy. But much of my performance is based on all the hours I spent preparing.

This jump is a good example of a calculated risk. I have prepared enough in the past with rock jumping that this leap is one of faith in my training and experience. Not only that, but it was not listed “advanced” on my list of difficult jumps. This one is special because of location and the fact that if you don’t stop, you will get a closer look at the inside of the canyon.

The most frightening part of this jump was not the leap itself. In fact, I did it once for myself and another time for the photographer. But the frightening part of the jump was on my second flight. I heard a gasp so loud that it seemed to come out of the mouth of the canyon itself.

I discovered that a few buses had unloaded quite a few tourists, many of whom saw me jump and could only release that universal expression of “OH MY ______!”

The strategy before you leap is a good warm up. Risks are a lot more calculated if you have the training to back them up. You can assist improving this calculation with the Percentage Principle as taught in my Winjitsu system. Before you have your next business meeting, warm up. Before your next big fight, break a light sweat. You could review your notes and questions or your speech. Whatever the case, just remember to take a small step before you have a big one. Before instructors teach a class, they form a mental picture of what they would like the class to be like before they actually teach it.

A warm up is the preparation for an upcoming event, struggle, or performance…

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