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Rick Tew has put together a complete system to help you battle your worst enemy (your mental demons) by teaching you the mental martial arts. This course on Winjitsu is your Martial Arts Therapy and teaches you simple, easy to apply now, strategies needed to feel more fulfilled, combat daily challenges and have the energy to take action to achieve your personal goals.

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With this Winjitsu book set and system, Rick Tew to teaches you how to WIN the game of personal growth and self-help.  He explains how to access the power you already have, and guides you step-by-step with practical, proven, success principles. He shows you how to properly focus your mind and get your goals aligned.

The concepts taught in Winjitsu are proven strategies to help you reach your full potential and Be a Black Belt in what you do.

Winjitsu is not a sport, it is a way of life. In the martial arts, you learn physical self-defense skills. It is a need for humans to feel confident in their personal security. But in modern times, our obstacles are more mental than they are physical. Your mind can be your enemy or it can be your best friend.

Your skills in mind control will help you to succeed far more than your physical skills.

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ACE Book 1, MAK Book 2, MBS Book 3, NRG Book 4, CMT Book 5, Entire Set

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