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How to STAY on road to Personal Success!

This is going to be a journey for you.  The strategies in this system will take time to master and although there are some insights that might cause an instant light to come on, it is not likely to happen overnight.

This is not a 24-hour get-fixed-quick scheme.  However, change happens in an instant and the New You can arrive the moment you make the decision to change.  This is a martial art system for the mind, and just as a physical practitioner would need to train in order to level and eventually reach Black Belt status, you too will need to train mentally and build success upon success if you are to internalize these principles and in-turn master the art of Winjitsu.

Do not just focus on the end goal – focus on the NOW

The pot of gold may be glistening at the end of the rainbow, but the path to get there is equally exciting.  So ride the rainbow, appreciate the journey, and take your time as you start down a new path toward change, self-discovery, and mental fitness.

In my life as a martial arts instructor and lifestyle coach, I have had thousands of students.  One of my programs in particular is a live-in training camp where I might have as many as 35 students at a time for up to two months.  Although my initial goal is to teach my system of martial arts, the end results I desire are slightly different than what one might expect.  For me, the training is an opportunity for students not only to learn the martial arts, but to learn about themselves.  Moments of exhilaration, excitement, possibility, and enlightenment mixed in with valleys of self-doubt are the norm.  Students are expected to accept these challenges and face the good, the bad, and the ugly equally.  In doing so, they will grow and have a well-balanced experience.

I teach with a tough love philosophy; the goal is to prepare my students for hardships.  Softness will not do that.  I believe that positive reinforcement has its limits, and a person who is unprepared is often someone who has never been pushed out of the nest.  A great movie, Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington, is an example of the fine line between tough love and false confidence.  In the movie, two TITANS football team coaches each have their own views on creating a winning team.  Coach Yoast (Will Patton) focuses on comforting the team, but the new head coach, Mr. Boone (Denzel Washington), focuses on challenging them.  In one particular scene

Coach Boone explains to Coach Yoast what I believe illustrates my point of view as a martial arts coach:

“The world doesn’t give a damn about how sensitive these kids are. You aren’t doing these kids a favor by patronizing them. You’re crippling them; you’re crippling them for life.” -Coach Boone

I am passionate about my system of martial arts, but what I really want from the students is their dedication to themselves and to the training, with 100% of their being.  I want them to grasp the challenge with one hand (cultivate) and break through their fears with the other (warrior).

If my students can face themselves (for we can often be our own worst enemy) and overcome their mental demons in the atmosphere of a Martial Art – Adventure training camp, they can apply the same lessons toward their life challenges and in the real world.

The teacher learns too

These programs have taught me many concepts.  Here are four:

  1. A student who believes that (s)he is 100% committed is nearly always mistaken.  They are often confused about the real definition of total commitment.  That, of course, is not limited to students of the martial arts!
  2. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Don’t even try.
  3. Those lacking the characteristics of a warrior and a cultivator in equal measure, regardless of the challenges they face, will quit prior to reaching the goals they have set out to achieve.
  4. Most will avoid responsibility and blame the challenge.

So why is it that I continue to do what it is that I do?  Good question!

The answer: If only one student walks away with a new skill, a new way of thinking, or a way to improve his or her life for the rest of his or her life, then it was all worth it.

This is why I still teach and run training camps in spite of how hard I know it is for people to succeed, myself included.  Regardless of the end result, we all walk away with an amazing learning experience.

A student of life can decide to face his or her fears, or choose to run from them.

As with any attempt to change or teach another human being, what matters most is whether or not that person is willing to change.  Do they want to learn?  But one thing is true in every case, regardless of the circumstances: they have a choice.  As with most of the things we fear, it is a fight or flight response.

So why did I formulate a Mental Martial Art System?  When considering a student’s ability to take on a new challenge, I realized they would do much better if they were more mentally prepared than physically.  Winjitsu gives you the tools you need to succeed and helps to prep the willing student for any upcoming challenge or life change.

If a student were to ask me the number one skill required to succeed in the martial arts, I would have to say that it would be to first learn Winjitsu.  I believe this applies in equal measure to the life arts.

Many of my students will agree that although impressed with my martial art system and talent in the martial arts, the most important skills that they have learned were not kicks, but rather, how to kick.  That is to say, they walk away with more mental benefits than physical.   The mental lessons they learn will benefit them for a lifetime; physical benefits may or may not last.

In order to help my students with their training and to give them the tools required to improve their lives, I gathered more than 20 years of applied experience and skills that have helped me succeed (and to survive) and added some universal philosophies and beliefs that are necessary for personal success.

I will use many examples from my life and Martial Art System (the Martial Science) to help share these mental skills.  Skills that have not only helped me to attain the perfect kick, but also the same mental abilities that help me when speaking to a large audience and taking a group of Ninja Warriors into the woods for training.

I intend for this process on Winjitsu.com to be an enjoyable reading experience that will enlighten and brighten your thoughts, your present moment (for those who like to live in the now), and the image you have of your life.  With the lessons in Winjitsu, you too will have the skills required to both fight off a mental demons, and design your own Life-Style.

Never confuse having a career with having a life. It requires discipline to continue searching for strategies that help you to live up to your full potential, but that effort and discipline will be rewarded beyond measure.

“Make peace with yourself, and the love and happiness will follow.”

Winjitsu Warm Up

Step 1) Think about your level of commitment.  Are you 100% committed to achieving your best life?

Step 2) Are you over trying to please anyone and everyone in your life but yourself?

Step 3) Spend some time evaluating your Warrior and Cultivator characteristics.  Reread the definitions.  Achieving a balance is the key to long-term success.

Step 4) Are you ready, willing, and able to accept responsibility for not only your successes, but your failures?

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