Train Your Brain

How to Improve your Mental Muscle

As a warrior, it is important to train and condition the body.  The same is true for the mental warrior, only we are training and conditioning the brain.

Reading, learning and reviewing each lesson in Winjitsu (mental) is like running and training on an obstacle course (physical).  Each obstacle (lesson in Winjitsu – there are over 100 in the Book) offers a unique challenge.  The more we practice or challenge ourselves on each obstacle, the better we will perform.

Did you know the brain is a muscle?

In addition to improving performance, we will also develop the mental muscle required to deal with each obstacle (challenge in life) with more precision and skill.  Imagine a person who is overweight or lacking strength arriving to the obstacle course for the first time.  In the beginning, the obstacles will be challenging (often impossible) and their body will have a hard time adjusting and completing the course with anything approximating dexterity or speed.

With practice and consistent training, however, the body will eventually ADAPT and be able to overcome the obstacles.  It does this by decreasing excess weight, stretching appropriate muscles, increasing muscle strength, and developing a muscle memory.  Each training session offers the body a chance to learn and grow from the experience.

This process will help you improve on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

To make it easier for you to understand the mental equivalent of our physical example (running an obstacle course), compare being physically overweight to being burdened with limiting beliefs, negative attitudes, and/or a lack of energy from years of unhealthy conditioning (mind).

The same goes for building strength. We could be in a period of our lives where we feel weak and/or fragile.  Winjitsu training will not only help you remove excess brain “fat” that is holding you back from being the best you can be, but it will also help you develop the self-power required to pull through and meet challenges head on in the future.

I have given each lesson or key point a Winjitsu Workout Challenge that is at the end of each lesson.

These obstacles are here not only to train you in a new principle, but also to remind you to (regularly and repeatedly) practice these principles as you would when conditioning the body.  Reading them is not enough.  Remember to use the Break a S.W.E.T. strategy (explained in a post – you can search for it on and run each lesson that you learn through that filter.

In addition to the above, these obstacles (new lessons learned) are also to remind you to take a short pause or break before tackling your next objective.  This break can be used to review or ponder the material that was previously read, and it can be used to prepare for the next challenge.  It is better to learn and rest than it is to learn, learn, learn. The same goes with the body; it is better to workout and tear the muscles and then rest as opposed to tearing, tearing and tearing.

The brain is a muscle and requires exercise and stimulation.  Overcoming obstacles is vital to conditioning both mind and body.

Winjitsu Warm Up

If you have already read a particular article (or learned a specific lesson) in the past and are reading it again as a review, then use this pause to try and remember as much as possible about the information prior to reading it again.  

This will aid in memory and retention and assist you in internalizing the concepts.  

If you are comfortable with meditation, this is an ideal opportunity to make use of that valuable tool.

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